Advantages & Disadvantages of using Bluestacks

New technology is all about making our everyday life more convenient. Most of our works are done on mobile devices and laptops nowadays. The more the developers make user-friendly interfaces for these devices, the more we can use them comfortably. Many of us are using the android operating system for mobile devices. New technologies have given us a comfort zone to work easily. Some people actually prefer to have the same applications as an Android on their laptops. But laptops mostly used operating systems such as Windows does not provide similar software. But this is not a problem anymore for Android users. Bluestacks mobile company has introduced Bluestacks app player for this sole purpose. This app player allows you to use all your applications on your laptop that you use on your android or windows mobile devices. So now you can easily download bluestacks for laptops, desktops, etc.

People get addictive using the applications they have on their mobile devices. It is natural for them to want to use these applications while they are using their laptops or PC as well. Bluestacks has enabled this opportunity for them. It turns the laptop into an android device. It allows you to use all your Android applications by forming a window over your windows or mac operating system. It gives you the advantage of navigating through your android and windows operating system very conveniently. It will also place the application that you downloaded to your PC desktop. You will get the option to sync between your mobile devices with your laptop for the same applications to use data from your mobile storage. If you are in a rush and you are on your laptop, you can use all the application data, and its features of your mobile devices from your laptop now. Furthermore, it creates a similar work environment as you get with Android in your Windows operating the laptop.

The most interesting part of using bluestacks is its gaming experience. You are already used to play games on small screens of your mobile devices. But the experience exceeds in multiple times when you can play those same games on the bigger screen of your laptop. It also adds up the flexibility to use mouse and keyboard as game controllers. You can also use the touch screen interface to play games if you are using a touch screen enabled laptop. There is a keyboard in the bottom menu bar that allows performing touch screen controls such as swipe, tilt, zoom in or out and tapping.

Along with all its bright sides, there are some demerits as well. You will find some bugs while you are using blue stacks. These bugs cause navigation problems with controls in some applications. It also doesn’t let you choose whether to use portrait mode or landscape mode during usage of some applications. You will have complications to discriminate the apps you already downloaded from Google play from its app suggestions. It shows these suggestions every time you open bluestacks. Hopefully, next updates of bluestacks will come with these bug fixes.   

How To Install Blue stacks On Windows 7 For Free And Easy

Watch This Video For Details.

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